Agencies waste time on pointless pitches

Four-fifths of interactive agencies would pitch for jobs they were unlikely to win, a new study reveals.

Study organisers believe digital agencies are wasting resources by taking up every invitation to pitch, especially if they haven’t built a relationship with the client to gain a fair chance of landing the job.

Business consultancy The PACE Partnership and business advisor Willott Kingston Smith asked 20 top UK interactive agencies to rate their own performance in 14 areas of key client management, including pitching and procurement, and managing fee-earning work.

Over three-quarters said they deliver all work to their clients on or before time, and believe that the project management of the work they do is of a very high standard.

A further 78% agreed their key clients rely on them in ways that would make it difficult for them to take their account to a competitor.

Areas identified as weaknesses included the function of agencies’ Web sites.  Only a third of agencies agreed their Web sites were more than just electronic brochures and that they delivered real value to clients who used them regularly.

Only a third of agencies felt it was important to speak with clients regularly to gather feedback on their overall service.


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