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It’s ALL about collaboration (Part 2)

How do I collaborate?

Part I of It’s all about collaboration focused on the compelling reasons for creating an environment of collaboration in a professional services firm and what that means.  The two key conclusions are:

  • It’s extremely worthwhile
  • It’s difficult!

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Are you really going to win that business?

Time is valuable.   PACE have created a tool to help you make a clear evaluation of your chances of winning a Major Bid before you even begin.

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It’s ALL about collaboration (Part 1)


We hear about the lack of collaboration in professional services firms a lot. Pretty much every day of the week we hear stories of a ‘silo mentality’ or a ‘protective’ approach to client relationships, which keeps colleagues as far away from clients as possible and a lid on (potential) growth. Read more here


predictionsAt the start of every year, there is never any shortage of predictions as to what the future will hold. Most of them will never become reality.

When it comes to business development though, the PACE team are confident that, even in an uncertain world, we can predict the following with a significant degree of confidence: Read more here

How to Reel in the Right Fee

Many clients have become more fee sensitive in the last few weeks and months and are keen to find the most ‘competitive’ offers available. So, do professionals need to reduce their fees in a competitive economic environment in order to win work? Read more here

Planning and Managing Business Development in Professional Services Firms – Digest of PACE Research

bdIn this report, The PACE Partners LLP – a firm that specialises in leadership, business development and client relationship management for professional services firms – provides comparative information on how participating firms perform in the implementation and application of business development and client management processes – in eight key areas. The report also provides the different sectors of the professional services marketplace with a picture as to how, in this area of business management, they compare with each other. In addition it provides comparative information on: Read more here


Brexit PictureA dangerous reaction to an uncertain economy

We originally published this article following the 2008 crash. The decision to leave Europe creates a period of uncertainty where many organisations will inevitably put some projects and buying decisions ‘on hold’. Read more here