Training & Development

Questions not advice

Please don’t read any further.Listen

I see you‘ve chosen to ignore me. That’s because, in general, we don’t like being told what to do. And as we gather knowledge and experience, promotions and responsibility, we like being told what to do even less.   Read more here

A matter of matchmaking – how to attain coaching success

Coaching is being used more and more by law firms to equip their fee-earners with required skills, ways of working and behaviours.  Coaching gives an individual the opportunity to gain help and support that is 100% focused on overcoming particular challenges they face.  Given the time pressures lawyers face today, this is becoming very attractive and often requested. Read more here

Getting a better return

Throughout the UK, Law firms are spending thousands and thousands of pounds in developing the business development capabilities of their fee-earners.   Read more here

Measuring Impact


What firm doesn’t want new business? It’s a key desire of most and one that forces many to invest heavily in business development training for their people.  But once back in the office fee-earners sometimes struggle to apply their learning.  How can this be avoided and how can your firm ensure its investment in business development training does result in new business? Read more here

Business Body-Building


How can you really hit your fee income targets? Bringing in new business is a daunting prospect for lawyers of all levels.  John Monks offers his advice on how to get the most out of business development training. Read more here

Achieving the balance


Leading and managing in an actuarial firm has a number of unique features.  These are organisations that tend to attract very bright people, who enter the profession to put into practice their technical training. Yet, actuarial firms are also businesses.  They buy and sell services, have clients and people to manage, money to collect and profit to make. Read more here