16 Sept 2015 – Consultative Selling


This one day workshop is perfect for those responsible for working within a business wishing to help their teams become more confident, comfortable and effective in consultative selling and ultimately help their fee earners identify and win more business.

It will also be ideal for any marketer and business developer wishing to improve their own influencing skills in building internal relationships, becoming an internal trusted adviser and motivating fee earners and partners in a course of action.

Many professional fee earners shy away from the concept of ‘selling’, in fact for a number of them ‘selling’ is a dirty word.  However, it is an intrinsic part of their role as, of course, they do sell their time and expertise.  For many ‘selling’ is something they see as a ‘dark art’ or something only certain people can do effectively and in fact should be left to someone else.

Most professional service firms realise this and have tried for many years to increase the number of fee earners within their organisation who are both comfortable and confident in business development and selling.

PACE specialise in helping professional services firms achieve this and will share a number of the key secrets in dispelling the misconceptions around selling and introduce what excellent consultative selling actually involves and how to motivate individuals to use these key skills with both new and existing clients.

The workshop will be extremely interactive and very practical and will be a blend of sharing best practice, discussions, group exercises, examples, application and top tips to take away.

During the session Paul will cover:

  • What consultative selling is and what it is not
  • Common misconceptions fee earners have and how to dispel them
  • Building confidence in those professionals who shy away from selling
  • Understanding an individual – what makes them tick and how to motivate them
  • Building trust
  • Structuring an approach to consultative selling using PACES
  • Managing a meeting effectively
  • Preparing and beginning a meeting
  • The key skills involved in consultative selling
  • Questioning and funnelling
  • How to identify opportunities
  • How to turn ‘nice chats’ into business discussions
  • Overcoming barriers to listening
  • Improving active listening
  • Summarising and empathising
  • Avoiding the professional pounce
  • Conclusion, summary and your next steps
Speaker:   Paul Matthews, Partner, PACE Partners
Venue:       Laytons Solicitors LLP, 2 More London Riverside,
                   London SE1 2AP
Time:          8.30am registration for a 9.00am start
                   until approx 5.00pm

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